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  Transfer Credit Practices: Public Search User Manual
  Transfer Credit Practices (TCP) Online is an online database application which provides information about how a number of universities ("Reporting Institutions" or "RIs") handle the transfer of academic credits from other colleges and universities across the United States. TCP is provided by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers ("AACRAO") as a service to its members. (Note: Neither AACRAO nor reporting institutions are accrediting agencies. It should be understood that many institutions may have policies concerning acceptance of credit which differ from those of another institution.)
  This manual explains:
  (a) terminology used in TCP, and
  (b) how to use the public search module of TCP.
  TCP Terminology
  • IBRO = Institution Being Reported On
  • RI = Reporting Institution
  • SU = Super User
  • RO = Reporting Office

Who can use the Public Search module of TCP?


All AACRAO members have access to TCP Online. Direct your browser to www.aacrao.org. You will be prompted to enter your AACRAO User ID and Password. Once you have successfully logged in, you will be taken to the TCP home page. From there, click 'Search' to begin using TCP Online.

TCP Online is also accessible from the Publications and Professional Development Index pages.


What features are available in the 'Public Search' module of TCP?


Users may query the TCP database to find the following information on any given university in the database:

  • Search by Reporting Institution: To view all the IBROs that a particular RI reports on, select the name of the RI you are looking for from the dropdown menu at the top of the Search page, then click 'View'. To search for the RI, rather than select it from the dropdown menu, scroll to the bottom of the search page and enter the name and/or the FICE code of the RI you wish to view. Click 'Search'.
  • Search for Institution Being Reported On (IBRO): To view a list of all RIs that report on a particular IBRO, search for that IBRO by one or more of the following fields: (1) Full Name of IBRO, (2) FICE code, (3) State, (4) Highest Offering, and (5) Affiliation. You can drill down by entering queries for more than one of these criteria and selecting 'AND'. For example, if you are looking for a university in Oregon which offers a doctorate degree as its Highest Offering, select Oregon from the State dropdown menu and select the 'AND' button beside 'State'. Then select 'Doctorate' in the Highest Offering dropdown menu and make sure that 'AND' is selected beside 'Highest Offering'. Click Search. In addition, you can broaden your search by entering search terms for more than one criteria and selecting 'OR'.

How do I change the parameters (filter settings) of the search function?


Scroll to the bottom of the Search page, just above the 'Search' button, to where it says, "Filter Results". Select the appropriate settings from the dropdown menu to filter your keyword search.


How does an institution become a 'Reporting Institution'?

  Only the TCP Administrator can designate an institution as a Reporting Institution. If you represent a higher education institution and would like to apply for your institution to be designated as a Reporting Institution, please contact the TCP Administrator at tcp@aacrao.org.

How do I get further assistance?


E-mail the TCP Administrator at tcp@aacrao.org.